Costa Rica Driver Dave is from Costa Rica and the USA.  He’s lived half of his life in NY as a truck driver for FedEx with a perfect record, and is perfectly bi-lingual. But Dave spent the first half of his life growing up in San Jose right here in the Central Valley.  He and his wife also run a small B&B in the mountains of San Ramon with their 3 children, and 3 dogs.  With service to all areas of Costa Rica, he is the perfect choice for driving your group of any size, from singles to big families.  He also has access to a small fleet of vehicles to cater to your specific needs, whether its forging rivers to the corners of Costa Rica, or just driving around downtown San Jose for a night on the town.  No matter your destination, length of stay or size of party, call him or email him for a quote for your personal driver with vehicle included.  We offer per trip rates and daily rates for tours of 3+ days (must provide a basic itinerary though for the correct daily rate).  If you already have a quote from another driver, please forward it to him and he will beat it if he can.

Dave’s wife can also arrange for you to meet with Real Estate agents in different areas of Costa Rica if that is the purpose of your trip, or organize a personalized relocation and house hunting tour.  Dave will personally drive you to each location and back, and you can drill him on living here on the way!



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