Driver Dave’s Newlyweds Split up! After he takes House Hunters all over Costa Rica…..

About 2 months ago, clients of PCR and Paradise Management Realty wanted to see several areas of Costa Rica before they decided where to live here in Costa Rica.  A big decision, especially since they had never been here before!  It was their first trip down, and they were having their destination wedding here. So with honeymoon, vacation, wedding and house hunting all on the menu, they made arrangements with Driver Dave to be their personal driver for 3 weeks, on and off.

After flying into Liberia Airport, they found their own taxi to the resort and relaxed for a couple of days.  Then driver Dave picked them up. First to the realtors in the area of Tamarindo to visit a couple of properties.  No go!  Roads were rough to affordable places, and just too hot for what they wanted. And since the Realtor did not want to drive, Dave took the wheel.  Thanks Driver Dave!

Next – to Arenal and Tabacon… to get married!  That’s right folks, their first time in Costa Rica, for their destination wedding, and spoiler alert, wife never left the Country! lol – more on that later.  They checked out San Carlos, but too flat and again, humid.

Onto San Ramon with Driver Dave.  They also visited Atenas, Grecia and Naranjo with PCR Paradise Management Realty.  Found not 1, but 2 houses they loved.  A villa that needs fixing up, and a 2BR guest house all set to go – with amazing Ocean and Nicoya Gulf views.  Option #1 and 2, check!  But still looking around to see different areas – remember, this is their first trip to Costa Rica and they are looking to move full time and find their house this trip, on their honeymoon! I love these guys.

So next to a Spa Resort in Alajuela with no TVs and just relaxation.  And no driver needed.  Then back to Driver Dave for a fun trip to Cartago with sightseeing, and Volcanos and fun Costa Rica.  Next –  down to Dominical more house hunting and checking out how life is down there.  But how do you get from Cartago to Dominical?  If you are with driver Dave, you take the amazing Cerro de la Muerte!

Again, no go.  Cartago was too far from the amenities they wanted, and Dominical/Uvita was also too far.  It also did not have the expansive landscape they were looking for, or the freedom they wanted from neighbors close by without trekking off road for miles.  Lastly, too HOT.  Funny, for folks from Hawaii. But Driver Dave took them all over, from San Isidro de General to the towns and Realtors and back again.

The next couple of days off were decidedly spend in San Ramon, where they had found everything they wanted:the lifestyle they were looking for, and a great property to match.  So Driver Dave made last minute lodging arrangements for them (not too difficult, he also owns a B&B in San Ramon with his family) and brought the couple to make arrangements to put offers on the houses. And guess what.  The newlyweds split up!

She kicked him back to Hawaii to sell their house, pack up, ship the cats and dog and if he did all that, he’s allowed to come back 😉 Wife did not want to leave!  So Driver Dave set her up with a month long rental casita at his B&B until she closed on her first new house in San Ramon with PCR-Paradise Management Realty.  Meanwhile, poor hubby is back in Hawaii packing up the old house, working, and getting the pets ready to fly down!  Thanks hubby!  And thank Driver Dave for taking him back to the airport in Liberia 🙂

So Costa Rica Driver Dave is definitely the guy to be with whether its for vacation, destination weddings, buying a house, or just adventuring around.  He’ll even get rid of your spouse for you! jajaja  But seriously, even if you don’t even have a destination in mind, he’ll take you down the back roads until you say stop.  Its always an Adventure here in Costa Rica and if you don’t want driving to be part of it, he’s got you covered!

Personal Driver in Costa Rica


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